Why You Should Find Purpose And Meaning In Life

Why You Should Find Purpose And Meaning In Life

A purpose in life is not just a dream or goal that you wish to achieve in the future. It is more of a tool that can help us lead a better, happier, healthier life. Unfortunately, even when we have a successful career, a loving family, and strong social relationships, we feel those boxes left unchecked.

According to an analysis conducted by The New York Times, only around 25% of American adults believe that they have a clear sense of their life purpose[1].

But, is it necessary to have a purpose in life? Recent studies by Applied Psychology reveals that people with a purpose in life have a sense of control over everything[2]. This helps them to be focused and achieve more in life than others. They also seem to live longer than others[3].

So, how can we understand our own purpose in life?  Here are some strategies that can help you reveal your purpose and give you a more meaningful life.

Only 25% of American adults have a clear sense of their life purpose

The New York Times (2018)

Listen to Feedback

We all have trouble finding mistakes in the things we love. That is why feedbacks are necessary to keep us moving on the right track and pace. Reach out to people who can give you valid feedback to help you improve. It can also help you understand how people think about you.

Engage With Positive People

Think about the people you spend time with- outside of work and family. If the people around you are making positive changes in their life, the more chances for you to draw inspiration from them. If you are surrounded by negative individuals, they might drag you down from making changes in your life. Always remember that you are the company you keep.

Make New Social Relationships

It’s easy to browse on social media pages and add someone new to your friends-list. Unfortunately, that long list is not going to enrich you in any way. Engage with people in real, face-to-face conversations. They are more valuable and help you discover new interests. Ask them about their works, new projects they have been part of and organizations with which they are involved. 

People with a purpose in life have a sense of control over everything

Applied Psychology: Health and Well‐Being (2010)

Exploring New Interests

We follow many pages on Instagram and Facebook that we show interest to. But, when was the last time we took a deep-dive into these interests. Take paintings for example. You really love paintings and you want to know more about them. Try visiting an art gallery, talk to artists, join a weekend art class or learn it yourself. Understand that there are immense opportunities waiting for you in your every interest.

Volunteer for Social Services

Donating a little of your time, money and effort for any social works can help you better understand life. Helping others, donating money to causes you care about or working for non-profit organizations can make you feel that there is a purpose to your life. It enriches your soul and keeps your mind calm and happy.

A purpose in life helps you be focused and achieve more in life than others.

Fight For A Cause

There are many injustices happiness in our world. There are many who fight for such causes, including animal welfare, environmental issues or civil rights issues. Find something that deeply upsets you and learn more about it. Understand what is going on with it and be a part of the fight if you feel like it.

Invest In Your Hobbies

Life is all about doing what you truly love to do. Consider a hobby that you love doing. It should not need to be something of great value or acceptance. But, something that you can have fun doing. Invest your time and effort to sharpen that skillset. It would be better if the hobby is something entirely different from what you do for a living.

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